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Ever scared of books, then today we are going to introduce a phobia, that you will never believe! It is called "Bibliophobia" or in more simple words fear of books.

Is it difficult to pronounce? It is a difficult condition, but can we overcome it? What is it's the symptoms? Let's check it out


As I have already said, Bibliophobia is a rare phobia of books. It also refers to a fear of reading or reading out loud in public. That sounds weird, but this is how it is. Many people have only a part of this phobia, like fearing textbooks or historical novels or children’s stories, rather than a fear of all books. If you experience bibliophobia, you may have difficulty when forced or encouraged to read. You may fear the stories themselves and even holding of a book or even being in a library where you are surrounded by books! These are few subtypes of Bibliophobia: Mythophobia, or the fear of legends; Metrophobia, or fear of poetry,


These are the symptoms of this phobia:

  • Excessive sweating

  • Fear of Fear

  • Feeling of panic: irrational and excessive fear that can cause the flight, paralyze the subject, or end in a panic attack

  • Feeling of terror

  • Anxiety: constant worrying feeling, which produces recurrent thoughts, fear, panic, excessive sweating, tremor in the extremities

  • Accelerated heart rate: accelerated palpitations called tachycardia

  • Hyperventilation: shortness of breath, seen as fast and short breath

  • Tremors throughout the body or extremities

  • Diffuse or confused thoughts: about the situation or the object that produces them.


It is very important to treat this Phobia. First of all, you need to know the reason of the Phobia. It affects both you're a school and office life as well as personal life, you will be anxious when you are in a school surrounded by books or in an office with a bundle of books. Few of the treatment is medication, it is prescribed by a medical psychiatrist or psychotherapy. There are more treatments, these are the basic ones.

Don't worry after seeing this, or become anxious thinking whether you have it! This is a phobia that can be treated. Those who are new to know about this Phobia might find it weird and difficult to believe at first. Honestly, I didn't believe it in the beginning. Now I know a bit about it and I have shared it with you all.

If you find it new and unbelievable, then don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment box!


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