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Day 30(30 days challenge)

Hey guys, today I am going to introduce something interesting, It is about Self Repairing Car. Let's get into it:

Did you know that some Lamborghini engineers together with researchers at MIT came up with a car design that's straight out of the far future! The Terzo Millennio/ Third Millennium in Italian is a car capable of self-repairing!


It is covered in a large number of special sensors. They examine the car's health detecting any damage or deterioration! If the sensors find cracks the car will repair itself by filling them with special nanotubes! Wonder when it applies to other gadgets also? The Ceo of Lamborghini says The Terzo Millennip will allow the company to revolutionize the world of Engineering. So shortly we can hope that the same kind of technology or a similar one applied to our other gadgets!

This car is fully electric. The Terzo Millennio uses Supercapacitors instead of batteries cause they charge faster and contain more energy. The Supercapacitors are made from carbon so they can be integrated into the car's body panel, especially since they are smaller and lighter than standard batteries.

It also doesn't have an engine in the conventional sense. Each wheel has its own electric engine. The car's top speed is 220 MPH/ 354 KPH. It is 838 horsepower which is comparable to several herds of wild horses in a prairie but you won't hear the roar of the engine. The Terzo Millennio was recently shown in the 33rd annual International Automobile Festival in Paris. This car has more exciting features and is definitely promising for the future!

Herby, I end the post and hope you liked it, please don't forget to comment down your valuable suggestion also this is the 30th and the final post of 30 days challenge by The Tale Tellerz. Can't wait to know!


By: Archana Soman

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