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Updated: Aug 17, 2020


Hey guys here I am with a story to brighten up your mood, in the current situation. If you are a child you might find it quite relatable. This is the 1st part of it, enjoy! Here it goes:


Another day has started and Alice still feels the same way. She lost track of almost everything, including, what day it is, what date it is, sometimes even who she is! The only words she ever said was "I am bored". She is telling a plain fact. she is bored to death. During the 1st week of Lockdown itself, she finished reading all the books in her little bookshelf, making her reading list empty right now. Being the only child she had no one to play with. All the Games this 12-year-old could play is a big list but this big list includes all the games that can only be played outside. What can she play when she lives in a flat on the 5th floor of a 10-floor building. She is not interested in online games so that way is closed too. That is when Online class came to help her at least to be busy, but, when the term ended, the vacation started! Her parents have work from home, so they are quite busy. Alice's routine is pretty much nothing:

Waking up in mid-day, having some snacks, stare at the walls, scroll through mobile, and go back to sleep. As I said, She is in vacation in between lockdown.

Today, also she woke up at 12, went for a quick fresh up, and had some snacks and was scrolling through her mom's mobile when she found a very interesting video, it said this: BORED IN LOCKDOWN? HERE ARE FEW WAY TO KEEP YOURSELF BUSY!

She decided to waste her time watching this video, but it turns out that it was worth of time. Among the tips that they have said, most of them were already tried by Alice during the beginning of the lockdown, more precise before Online class. The curious Alice decided to watch until the end to go through all the tips. The last and final one widened her eyes, it was this: A GARDEN INSIDE THE HOUSE! The little gardener inside her woke up. Her bored mind started to imagine about the green in her home. She found it a lot more interesting when she understood that she had the stuff that she needs to make a garden inside her home. She had the tiny balcony, some old pots, and glass jars, leftover pack of good-old soil that she used in the last academic year for a science experiment, also few packs of seeds of vegetables and flowers that the family bought from a small nursery of plants. She quickly went to find these items and the curiosity in her made her a bit more active to find these items. She found a few of them with the help of her mom, who felt happy about the fact that she is doing something rather than sitting simply. She single-handedly cleaned the tiny balcony. She just can't understand how she became so active? the boredom slowly vanished, She arranged the pots in there and according to the instruction from a tutorial about how to make a garden in the balcony, she did. With the permission of her parents, she ordered a few items from online stores that will help her to make a perfect garden in her home. That included beautiful pots, more seed packets, and few decorative objects and gardening tools too.

By evening the balcony looked different. The tiny balcony was cleaned and had pots lined in the side, all with flower and vegetable seeds buried in the soil pots, all watered, and a cool breeze that carried the fresh scent of soil. Alice who was bored and inactive all these suddenly turned into a gardener. She was now curious like never and was waiting for the ordered items to make this tiny garden look better, she can't wait for these flowers to bloom and to harvest the veggies, hopefully, there might be a day, she sighed as she closed the balcony door and went to her room, with a bit of soil in her dress and hand. At least she beat the boredom that surrounded her due to lockdown or more precise "COVID-19".

Still, there is more to win, something called life, she beat the boredom but not everything, We may win this situation if we together fought for all.....


Hereby this story of Alice end, a kid who has nothing to do in this situation and finds a way Hope you liked it, don't forget to comment on your suggestions, Can't wait to know!



By: Archana Soman

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