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Updated: Aug 10, 2020


Online class, something that most of the students around the world are now familiar with! Something which was weird to us in the beginning but now part of our daily routine.

Here I am with 'Online Class Diaries' a diary filled with pages of excitement and sneak peek into student's struggles with the online class as well as the happiness they find in it... This is the first part of it, Enjoy!


Unexpected turns have taken place, schools got closed and next year's class was a question mark for students until the government announced that online class will begin from April 6. happiness was flooded through each and every student(I guess).

But, for 1st week we had to only watch recorded videos! After waiting for many days to pass, it was April 6. For 1 st week we watched recorded videos as I said (so sad)

The real hero of the story, online class started after that week, yay, excited students woke up early and arranged for our 1st online class. Now all are experienced, remote learners, and see how we feel about it, but today the story is from the viewpoint of Miana, is online class exciting or boring?


The online class has made Miana turn crazy, she never woke from her bed before 8 o'clock, even though knowing that the class starts at 8: 15! But, she also knew that she had bundles of excuses up her sleeves. She woke out of her bed complaining without stopping for a minute about online class, oh my goodness. She also did a rehearsal about what to say as an excuse. A quite rehearsal in her mind, and continuing her routine slowly, as usual, she was 10 minutes late, she felt a little bit of guiltiness but joined the video call and said "Good morning ma'am!" like pretty usual, the teacher didn't reply to the greetings, instead, questioned her why she was late, even without thinking much she said what she was rehearsing "Miss, I apologize for joining late, I had a terrible internet connection.. and I was trying to join since 8: 15" The teacher nodded like she didn't trust completely and continued her class.

With relief, she sat comfortably and the class began. Miana could see the students struggling to act like grammarians, did I say that today their 1st subject was English! Also, Catherine Greg who took English was the most liked teacher but unfortunately, some are not much fond of 'English' so they didn't pay much attention. Mariana is a person who likes the subject of English as well as the teacher. But, Sometimes when it is time to learn grammar topics, she withdraws a bit and joins the people who act like grammarians.

Miana like every other student knew who was listening to class and who was acting.

She checked out her friend Clara who literally like all the subjects and pays attention to each of them with complete passion and raised her hand for all the question asked by ma'am, people said that she was the 'Hermione Granger' of our class. She also got top marks in exams, whether it is online exams or the normal ones. Miana always felt that she was more than a person interested in studies, she was honest among the whole students in the class. She had her own opinions but she never spoke which is the flaw that Miana find in her. As usual, Clara raised her hand to answer the question, it was not new, but Miana keenly heard the answer. She liked to hear answers rather than answering it.

Then Miana quickly checked out her another friend Lara, who never liked the real class and now hate more than before the online class, she was the main person who all teachers asked a question, but she found the way to escape it.

She offed her camera during online classes and said that her camera ain't working, I am in a different device, etc and when ma'am asked her question she quickly checked in google baba for an answer and said it as it is. Teachers were often surprised, but sometimes this plan didn't work out, so whenever ma'am asked the question she acted as she doesn't hear, and by the time ma'am repeats it, she will find answers in google.

It always made Miana laugh out of her life, each time Lara said an answer, Miana will off her camera so ma'am won't see her giggle.

Now let's see how Miana answers the question, if it is her favorite subject she will be up to date with it so she answers it just in seconds after the teacher asks.

But, if it is a subject that she isn't much favor with, she will rarely listen to the class and inspired by Lara, she will try those tricks and of course, she answers it.

According to Miana Online class is adventures but sometimes boring. Being an average student she didn't enjoy all the subjects. She was excited about the fact that even though the situation is difficult, she was able to see her friends and frenemies and of course teachers.

Even though there were other problems, she felt that this is the only way to live the current life.


Here by we come to end of the 1st part of 'Online Class Diaries'. If you find this story or characters relatable, don't forget to comment, also comment if you feel you are relatable to Miana or you have friends like hers. Can't wait to know!


By: Archana Soman

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