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Updated: Sep 8, 2020


Online class, something that most of the students around the world are now familiar with! Something which was weird to us in the beginning but now part of our daily routine.

Here I am with 'Online Class Diaries' a diary filled with pages of excitement and sneak peek into student's struggles with the online class as well as the happiness they find in it...This is the second part of it, enjoy!


Unexpected turns have taken place, schools got closed and next year's class was a question mark for students until the government announced that online class will begin from April 6. happiness was flooded through each and every student(I guess).

But, for 1st week we had to only watch recorded videos! After waiting for many days to pass, it was April 6. For 1 st week we watched recorded videos as I said (so sad)

The real hero of the story, online class started after that week, yay, excited students woke up early and arranged for our 1st online class. Now all are experienced, remote learners, and see how we feel about it, but today the story is from the viewpoint of Rhea, is an online class better than normal school?


For Rhea, whether it's an online class or normal school she always follows a constant routine with a little bit change in the time she wakes up. She wakes up at 7, exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes before the online class which starts at 8: 15. She wakes up, tidies up her bed, goes for fresh up, has a fulfilling breakfast, and goes for a quick study. She was an above-average student, but she had a deep desire to be more successful. After the quick study, she arranges her lap, books as per the time table, stationery and gets ready by 8: 10, leaving her a peaceful 5 mins to think how to get attention today.

She and Clara another intelligent girl are the 1st one to join the class. They are the teacher's pet, one thing because of their hard-working attitude and of course for joining first. When I talk about Rhea she seemed to like all those kinds of applauds by teacher on her but Lara, she considers it just as encouragement and moves on, unlike Rhea who loves to keep it as a label on her for many days, and only talk about it.

The first period was maths, and Rhea who goes for online tutions and is already a bit ahead in portions can't wait to put out her knowledge, something which everyone in class dislikes about, because there is a lot on the class who is entirely depended on the teachers class. Rhea who doesn't care about all these just keeps on answering for the questions by a teacher, one reason- she wanted to be noticed by teacher, other- she wanted more attention on her and not on Clara or other students, who just raises her hand to answer the questions and respectfully give chance to others. Rhea will only shut herself when ma'am gets impatient and shout on her. She earned a lot of dislikes from her mates just because of this valid reason, but, she ain't care about that. She is not a type of person who checks on her friend's lot often, she rarely notices or talks about them in the online class, I must say, she is often high. She also does a lot of extra work to get attention and applauds from a teacher, some of the teachers only pay attention to her as she wanted while others pay attention to the whole class and give importence to all equally and those teachers are not in the fav list of Rhea!

Online class becomes a bit high and difficult due to these kinds of students but still, everyone adjusts all because to cop with the current situation, Salute to the students who try to concentrate in between the horrible noises, confusing answers, and more. God's put on horrible twists in life isn' it? Let's hope!

Hereby we come to the end of the 2nd part, hope you enjoyed, don't forget to comment down if you feel it relatable. Can't wait to know!

Here is a link to Online Class Diaries 1 or the first part of it:


By: Archana Soman

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