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Hey guys, today I am going to review 'The Tower Of Nero' which is the 5th and the final part of 'The Trials Of Apollo' Series by Rick Riordan. Not making you wait, let's get into it:


" The Tower Of Nero" is the 5th and final part of " The Trials Of Apollo " series by Rick Riordan. In this breathtaking last part of this pentalogy, we experience the last trial of God Apollo who has been cast down as Lester Papadopolous, as a part of the punishment. Lester's with help of his friends at Camp Half-blood and his demigod Master Meg McCaffrey is going to face the evil emperor Nero and his arch-nemesis python. It will decide whether he will regain his place in Mount Olympus.

When I talk about this book, I must say it was the best among the whole series. It has all the elements that are necessary for a final book. The author was able to keep the readers on needle points because each section of the book was exciting. One thing I really liked is the transformation of Apollo when he became Lester from a kind of selfish to selfless individual. In the beginning, his only need was to regain his place in Olympus, but then his main need was to save his friends, the people who helped him, and the whole world. This transformation can be really seen in this book. This book was a mixture of elements like bravery, courage, fear, and many more emotions. This book was also action-packed, which is obvious since it is the final book of pentalogy. In the end, we also see a new apollo. Sometimes the readers even forget that this is fictitious. I must say this is one of my favorite endings.

This book is really interesting and I recommend it to you. I give it 5 stars!


Hereby I end the review, Hoping that we can get more Riordan books. And guys, if you read this book or is thinking about reading it, please comment down.

Thank You,

By: Archana Soman

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