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Hello, I am going to do the review of "The Tyrant's Tomb" which is the 4th part of the series "The Trials Of Apollo" by Rick Riordan. Here it goes:

The Tyrants' Tomb is the 4th part of the breathtaking pentalogy- The Trials Of Apollo by Rick Riordan.

Apollo aka Lester Papadopoulos, who has been banished from Earth by God Zeus punishment, has to restore five ancient oracles to regain his place in Mount Olympus. In this Lester who has already faced both triumphs and tragedies is in his next trial which takes him to Camp Jupiter in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the Roman demigods are preparing for a desperate last stand against the evil Triumvirate of Roman emperors. Hazel, Reyna, Frank, Tyson, Ella, and many other old friends who are familiar to those who read The Heroes Of Olympus Series will need Apollo's aid to survive the onslaught. Here, Unfortunately, the answer to their salvation lies in the forgotten tomb of a Roman ruler, someone even worse than the emperor's Apollo has already faced.

What I felt about the 4th part is actually a reminder that Apollo is near to his last trial, and he can only reach his next step after the trial in Camp Jupiter. In this book, we see numerous twists and turns. The highlighting part of this book is that it is constantly focusing on the regression of Apollo aka Lester about his past mistakes as a God, which is linked to his current trials, unfortunately. He realizes his mistakes which makes the readers feel that Apollo is really on his way of not only regaining his place in Olympus and become a god but also as a God who regrets his mistakes and become better. I must say that few of the parts needed to be described or explained a little bit more. That's the only drawback I find in this part 4.

It is all over a very interesting book and I will give it 4.5 stars since I felt few parts unclear or not much explained.

Hereby we come to the end. Hope you all enjoyed the review and don't forget to comment and support us. Can't wait to know!


By: Archana Soman

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