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The Future Of Our Earth!

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


When I opened my eyes, I found that I am in a weird place. I still don't know how I reached here, or where I am. I am feeling quite unwell and of course, the fear of being in an unknown place haunts me. When I think about that, I feel more scared, maybe for the first time.

when I stood up and looked around me, I assured myself by saying that this can never be our Earth. But, I was stunned to see my little home here. there is nothing around me to prove it is the earth. it is completely dark, and the air was filled with smoke. I am not able to breathe and I can feel like it's my end.

one thing that surprised me is that there is not even a single tree, not even for a name. That might be the reason why the atmosphere is different, like a threatening sea. there is not even a drop of water in vision, no wonder the land is barren. moreover, the temperature is enough to kill you, it is over burning. There is not even a single human or animal. Which is this world? I whispered to myself. My eyesight is getting blur, the difficulty to breath is becoming more and more, a feeling of last days and last moments. is my end near? the thirst and hunger are uncontrollable. Suddenly the sky started to make sound, it can make your ears burst. Then, there was a flash of light enough to make you forever blind.

I closed my eyes tight, there was silence for a few minutes which was ended by a deep voice, it said " Hey human, you ain't dead yet. I opened my eyes with fear that there might be the light but when I opened my eyes, in the barren ground were a tree, which had no leaves in the branches. a lot of questions were in my mind, but I couldn't speak. I felt like my voice was gone. the tree continued " don't doubt mere -mortal, this is your earth, which is now hell not heaven. you will experience the wrath for what you did to the environment.

I told to myself "what, it can't be my earth, it will never ever be, it is... no"

my mind went blank, I won't believe this"

The Tree said " you are the reason, you will get back for what you got. how much did you make us suffer"

I started to struggle, feeling like death is welcoming me, the whole world went blank and I went to deep down. I don't what happened, I started to cry out loud, which is the moment I realized I got back my voice. which automatically made me open my eyes, I found I was in my room and got out of my bed and looked out of my window, and the relief was that I saw the usual view through my window, the city with little trees.

I told myself, it is just a dream but, it can be true, if we don't take care of our earth, what I saw might be the real future of our Earth!

By: Archana Soman

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